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With the exception of the UEA - all partners are using social media to promote their activity. Click on the buttons below to check out what is happening. All videos have been subtitled, are accessible on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and in some cases, Instagram

Events are running between 7th September and 4th October

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The UEA will be hosting their day online. Please see below the schedule for the day


Emma Spagnola

Getting everyone out and about – the importance of Changing Places accessible toilets


Emma Spagnola is known as ‘The Norfolk Loo Lady’. She has been successfully campaigning for toilet facilities that are accessible for everyone. She has persuaded many venues to upgrade their facilities to include Changing Places accessible toilets, or to at least provide a Mobiloo facility (a Changing Place on the back of a lorry) for larger events.

Would you lie down on the floor of a public toilet? That is what is asked of some disabled people. They need somewhere they can change their pads in dignity and safety, but such facilities are rare. This is where Changing Places accessible toilets come in. These accessible toilets have a bench and hoist to let people be changed. This allows these disabled people and their family and friends to get out and about like anyone else. Emma will be talking about her successful campaign for more Changing Places in Norfolk and her plans for the future.


Naomi Aldie

Sport for recovery and success


Naomi Adie was medically discharged from the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 2014 due to a spinal injury and is using sport as a way to overcome her mental and physical challenges. She won multiple medals in wheelchair racing at the 2018 Invictus Games. She is now grants manager for the Endevour Fund at The Invictus Game Foundation.


Noami will talk about how she has used sports for recovery and rehabilitation.


Katherine Deane

Post Covid-19 Reopening with Disability Access Focus


Katherine Deane is Senior Lecturer and Access Ambassador at the University of East Anglia. She is passionate about making the world accessible for everyone. UEA now has one of the most accessible campuses in the UK due in part to her work.

Reopening a venue after shutting down for Covid-19 is complex. Disabled customers have been impacted by Covid-19 in a number of ways. Some are more at risk from the virus. Others struggle to adapt to the new behaviours such as mask wearing, or social distancing. For example, assistance dogs really don’t know how to socially distance, or even queue. This talk takes you through how to reopen in a way that ensures your venue is accessible to everyone.


Tom Fadden

Disabled and Entrepreneurial


Tom Fadden is CEO of Disability Consultants Purple Reach. https://www.purplereach.co.uk/about

Purple Reach is a disability consultancy aiming to help businesses and Community organisations everywhere better understand disability and what their business can do to improve their services to make them accessible to all. Purple Reach has advised companies such as Uber and UEA in how to ensure they provide accessible services.

How do you become a successful disabled entrepreneur? Tom would say it’s a journey of ups and downs. He will take you through his journey to date as a disability consultant. He will also talk about the impact of covid and his hopes for the future.


UEA SportsPark

Accessible exercise session (video)


UEA SportsPark provides highly accessible sports facilities for the whole community. The video will highlight the importance of exercise for everyone. How exercise can be adapted to accommodate physical impairments. And emphasise the role of exercise in maintaining mental wellbeing.

A video of exercises that can be easily adapted to accommodate a variety of physical impairments.


UEA Community Choir

Singing is for everyone (video)


The UEA Community Choir is made up of staff and students from UEA as well as members of the community. UEA Community Choir welcomes singers of all abilities and levels of experience, and is audition-free. It is intended for those who: want to start singing in a choir (even if they have never done so before); want to sing in a more informal way, sometimes with more contemporary music; or want to sing for fun and explore their voice.

Singing is a highly accessible activity. The UEA community choir welcomes members from within and without the university. Whilst Covid will change how rehearsals are conducted the choir are determined to continue to enjoy singing. This video of a few of their songs shows how much fun they have.


Sally Eddie Edwards

Successful and Proud – on being disabled, gay, and an author


Sally Eddie Edwards has long been an advocate for both disability and gay rights. She is a published poet.

Sally will talk about being a disabled, gay, successful author.


UEA British Sign Language Society

British Sign Language songs and some basic signs


The UEA BSL society aims to improve the knowledge of British Sign Language and of the Deaf community and their culture.

The UEA BSL Society invite you take part in a fun session to learn some basics of British Sign Language. There will be signed songs and an introduction to some basic BSL signs.


George McKay

Disability and modern music – its history and future


Professor George McKay is Professor in Media Studies. He has a long term interest in disability in the media, arts and music.

George will talk about disabled musicians’ contributions to modern music. He will also talk about the future of access to the music industry and ongoing projects to improve access.

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